Red Lands

Afra International FZC, SAIF Zone, Sharjah is the regional export arm of the Afra group in the Middle East and caters to the needs of the clients in the AGCC, African and South Asian countries with corporate office Afra Asianray, P.B. NO. 233473, Industrial Area 4, Al Quasis, Dubai, UAE.

Established in 1999, Afra International FZC has, under the Redlands brand, been at the forefront in promoting the application of x-ray fluorescent Spectrometers(XRF) and laser markers. In the high value gold jewelry industry, XRF’s and laser markers, render the vital task of nondestructive analysis and marking of the purity of gold jewelry at every step of the gold jewelry trade. Today XRFs and laser markers are considered mandatory in most jewelry retail outlets, jewelry manufacturers, wholesalers and the gold loan establishments. Leading retail jewelry groups, manufacturers and banks use the Redlands

XRFs as gold purity analyzers to verify the purity of gold jewelry while valuing and buying gold jewelry. With over 1300 installations at various locations in retail jewelry, factories, banks and other financial institutions in the UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Tanzania, Kenya, India and Sri Lanka the Afra and its group companies have a market share of over 80% of the x-ray fluorescent spectrometer(XRF) market. Customer satisfaction through a highly efficient service department which renders prompt and effective action, during the installation, training and service process have played a
great part in consolidating our market share in this segment. In 2007 company has added the XRF handheld portable series for metallurgical applications and petrochemical industry helping manufacturers to conform to ROHS, ELP standards and for quality control during production
In 2013 company introduced induction melting furnace. It runs on induction technology, absolute homogenous alloying with reduction in burning losses is achieved due to uniform temperature controlling & ultra modern technology used in manufacturing the system modules.

Our extensive service network comprising site service engineers stationed in strategic locations throughout the group’s operating zones is the cornerstone of the organization’s success. This reputation or after sales service has helped the AFRA group to evolve, enduring links throughout the Middle East and South Asian Gold Jewellery Industry.

Other group company’s activities are manufacture and trading of electronic weighing balances, office automation, offset and digital print finishing equipment, large and small garden agricultural machinery with fctories in India and China.

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